Park assist camera - settings

Parking camera is an auxiliary system, which is activated when the reverse gear is selected.

Activate switched-off camera

If the camera function is switched off when reverse gear is selected, it is activated in the following way:

P31346- Park Assist Camera
  • Press CAM - the screen shows the current camera view.

Change setting

The default setting is that the camera is activated when reverse gear is selected.

The settings for the parking camera can be changed when the screen shows a camera view:

  1. Press OK/MENU when a camera view is shown - the screenchanges to a menu with various options.
  2. Turn to reach the desired option with TUNE.
  3. Highlight the option by pressing OK/MENU once and go back out with EXIT.


If the car has several cameras* installed, the active camera view on the screen can be changed:

  • Press CAM or turn TUNE.
  1. * Option/accessory.