Lamps - specifications

The specifications apply to bulbs. When replacing LED and Xenon lamps, please refer to a workshop.
Dipped beam, halogen55H7 LL
Main beam, Halogen65H9
Extra main beam, ABL55H7 LL
Front direction indicators21H21W LL
Side direction indicators, door mirrors25WY5W LL
Glovebox lighting5Socket SV8.5 Length 43 mm
Vanity mirror lighting2T5 Socket W2x4.6d
Cargo area lighting10Socket SV8.5 Length 43 mm
Number plate lighting5C5W LL
Direction indicators, rear21PY21W SV
  1. 1 Watt
  2. 2 Replacement of bulbs only on the XC70. The V70 is equipped with LED lamps.