Volvo On Call* mobile app

As a Volvo On Call user you have access to a mobile application that enables you to maintain contact with your parked car via phone.

Certain functions are not available on all car models.

The mobile application is continuously updated which may mean that this information does not reflect available functionality. See the section Information on the Internet for referral to where you can read continuously updated information.

The mobile application is available for iPhone, Windows Phones and Android phones. You can download it from the Apple AppStore, Windows Phone Store or Google Play.

A personal Volvo ID is required to use the mobile app and online services from Volvo.

Read more about Volvo ID and its advantages and how to create a .

Locating the car

The position of the car is shown on a map and there is the option to receive directions to the car. There is also a digital compass that points the driver in the right direction. When you are within approx. 100 metres from the car there is the option to activate the car's horn and direction indicators in order to facilitate the search.

The car's instrument panel

This function provides the driver with access to a range of information: fuel level, remaining mileage with existing fuel quantity, average fuel consumption, average speed, and readings from the odometer and trip meter.

Checking the car

The mobile app carries out a "health check" of the car and shows information on bulbs, brake fluid, coolant and oil level.

Driving journal

Detailed information on each journey during the last 40 days can be downloaded and saved. There is also the option to export all or selected journeys from the mobile application in spreadsheet format and send this to an email address. Suitable for travel on official business, for example.

There is the option to deactivate the driving journal. In which case the car does not send any log information after each completed journey.

Vehicle information

Basic data about the car such as model, registration number and VIN number are easily accessible.

Anti-theft warning

If the car alarm is activated the driver is advised of this via the mobile.

Remote locking of doors

Status for all doors and windows is shown. The driver can lock and unlock the car. For security reasons the password for the application is always required to remotely unlock the car.

Remote heater start

If the car is equipped with a parking heater then it can be started immediately or programmed to start at two different time points within 24 hours.

Remote engine start (ERS)1

Remote start (ERS – Engine Remote Start) means that the car's engine can be started remotely in order to warm up/cool down the passenger compartment before departure.

Climate control starts with the same settings as when the car was parked. Running time for an engine started with ERS can be selected from 1-15 minutes, and the engine is switched off once the time has elapsed. After 2 ERS activations the engine must be started in the normal way before ERS can be re-used.


To remote-start the engine, the following criteria must be met:

  • The car must be supervised.
  • There must be no people or animals inside or around the car.
  • The car must not be parked in a closed, unventilated area - the exhaust gases may seriously injure humans and animals.


Follow local/national rules/regulations on idling.

Battery and state of charge2

See how much charge the hybrid battery has and whether charging is in progress.

Set charging for specific times2

If you do not want charging to start straight away when the charging cable is connected, it is possible to use the mobile app to set the time when charging is to take place.

Reminder to plug in the charging cable2

You can enable reminders in your mobile app if you forget to plug in the charging cable when the car has been parked.


Preconditioning prepares the car's drive systems and the passenger compartment before departure so that both wear and energy needs during the journey are reduced. The mobile app is used in the same way as for remote heater start.

  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 Certain car models and markets.
  3. 2 Only applies to the V60 PLUG-IN HYBRID.