Locking/unlocking - from the inside

All of the doors and the tailgate are locked or unlocked simultaneously using the central locking button on the driver's door and passenger door*.

Central locking

P3-746 Centrallås-knapp förardörr
Central locking.
  • Press one side P3-820 Remote key - Icon Lock of the button to lock - the other side P3-820 Remote key - Icon Unlock to unlock.

Press and hold to also open all side windows* simultaneously.


A door can be unlocked from the inside in two different ways:

  • Press the central locking button P3-820 Remote key - Icon Unlock.

A long press also opens all the side windows* simultaneously (see also Global opening).

  • Pull the door handle once and release - the door is unlocked. Pull the door handle again to open the door.


  • Press the central locking button P3-820 Remote key - Icon Lock after the front doors have been closed.

A long press also closes all side windows and sunroof simultaneously (see also Global opening).

All doors can also be individually locked manually with their lock buttons - the door in question must then be closed.

Automatic locking

The doors and tailgate are locked automatically when the car starts to move.

The function can be activated/deactivated in the menu system MY CAR. For a description of the menu system, see MY CAR.

  1. * Option/accessory.