Ventilated front seats*

The ventilation can be used at the same time as seat heating. For example, the function can be used to dry damp from clothing.

The ventilation system consists of fans in the seats and backrests that draw air through the seat upholstery. The cooling effect increases the cooler the passenger compartment air becomes. The system can be activated when the engine is running.

The ventilation is regulated from the climate control and takes seat temperature, solar radiation and outside temperature into consideration.

P3-11w20-S80/V70/XC70 Comfort level seat vent
Current comfort level is shown in the centre console display screen.
P3-11w20-S80/V70/XC70 Button ventilated seats

For button location, see the illustration.

Press the button repeatedly in order to activate the function.

There are three comfort levels that produce different cooling and dehumidification outputs:
  • Comfort level III: Highest output - three blue fields illuminate in the centre console's screen (see figure above).
  • Comfort level II: Lower output - two blue fields illuminate in the screen.
  • Comfort level I: Lowest output - one blue field illuminates in the screen.
  • Switch off the function - no field illuminates.


The seat ventilation should be used carefully by people sensitive to draughts. Comfort level I is recommended for long-term use.


The seat ventilation cannot be started when the passenger compartment temperature is below 5 °C. This is in order to avoid cooling down the seat occupant.
  1. * Option/accessory.