City Safety™ - function

City Safety™ detects the traffic in front of the car with a laser sensor fitted in the top edge of the windscreen. If there is an imminent risk of collision, City Safety™ will automatically brake the car, which may be experienced as sudden braking.
P3-835-xc60 CitySafety - Komponentplacering
Laser sensor transmitter and receiver window1.

If the speed difference is 4-15 km/h in relation to the vehicle in front then City Safety™ can completely prevent a collision.

City Safety™ activates a short, sharp braking and stops the car in normal circumstances, just behind the vehicle in front. For most drivers this is well outside normal driving style and may be experienced as being uncomfortable.

If the difference in speed between the vehicles is greater than 15 km/h then City Safety™ may not prevent the collision on its own. To obtain full brake force, the driver must depress the brake pedal. This could then make it possible to prevent a collision, even at speed differences above 15 km/h.

When the function is activated and brakes, the combined instrument panel shows a text message to the effect that the function is/has been active.


When City Safety™ brakes, the brake lights come on.
  1. 1 NOTE: The illustration is schematic - details may vary depending on car model.