Amongst other things, the car contains towing eye, jack* and wheel wrench*.
P3-1020-V70/XC70 Tempaspare and tools package

Located under the cargo area floor are the car's towing eye, jack* and wheel wrench*. There is also space here for the sleeve for the locking wheel bolts and tools for the plastic wheel bolt caps.

Applies to Bi-Fuel* cars

p3-1517-V70-Bi Fuel- tools in luggage compartment
The tools are located in the storage compartment in the cargo area.
Fold the backrest of the centre seat forward to access the compartment.
Packing instructions: The emergency puncture repair kit's compressor box is slightly wedge-shaped and must be positioned with the wide side facing up.
Tension the jack*, if applicable, using the tensioning strap.
  1. * Option/accessory.