Internet-connected car

Connecting the car to the Internet gives the opportunity to use, for example, navigation services, web radio and music services via apps and to use the vehicle's built in web browser.
P3_13w46_Car Online

When the vehicle is connected to the Internet it is possible to use additional programs (apps). The apps that are available may vary, but app type can include navigation services, social media, Internet radio and music services, for example. The car has a simple web browser to search and display information from the Internet.

Connect to the Internet with car's integrated modem*1 or with Bluetooth® via a mobile phone. The mobile phone must first be registered and connected to the car. Following which, it is connected automatically.

If the Internet connection is via the mobile phone it also possible to use the other mobile phone functions, such as reading text messages and calling, see Bluetooth® handsfree phone.

Mobile phone and network operator must support distribution of Internet connection (sharing the Internet connection) and the subscription must include data traffic.


Data is transferred when using the internet (data traffic), which can have a cost.

Activation of data roaming can result in further charges.

Contact your network operator about the cost for data traffic.

Connect the car to the Internet

Select connection option:

  • Bluetooth®
The mobile phone must first be registered and connected to the car.
If the car is already connected to the Internet, press MY CAR, select SettingsInternet settingsBluetooth.

In future the car will connect automatically.

  • Car modem*1

To connect with the car modem, see Car modem*2.

Cancel network connection

P3-1346-x60-disable automatic internet connection

Press MY CAR, select SettingsInternet settingsNone. The car will not connect to the Internet.

No or poor Internet connection

The amount of data transferred is dependent on the services or apps that are used in the car. For example streaming audio can require large amounts of data which requires a good connection and good signal strength.

  • Mobile phone to car

The speed of the Bluetooth connection may vary depending on the location of the mobile phone in the car. Move the mobile phone closer to the car's audio and media system in order to increase the signal strength. Ensure that there is no interference in between.

  • Mobile phone to network

The speed of the mobile network varies depending on the coverage in the present location. Poor network coverage may occur, for example in tunnels, behind mountains, in deep valleys or indoors. The speed also depends on the agreement you have with your network.


In the event of problems with data traffic, contact your network operator.
  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 Only cars with Volvo On Call
  3. 2 Only cars with Volvo On Call.