Engine oil - grade and volume

Engine oil grade and volume for each respective engine alternative can be read in the table.

Volvo recommends:

Px-1346-Castrol decal
EngineEngine code1Oil grade

Volume, incl. oil filter


T6 AWDB6304T4

Oil grade: ACEA A5/B5

Viscosity: SAE 0W–30

approx 6.8
3.2 AWDB6324S5approx 6.8
D3D5204T7approx. 5.9
D4 AWDD5244T12approx. 5.9
D4 AWDD5244T17approx. 5.9
D5 AWDD5244T112approx. 5.9
D5 AWDD5244T153approx. 5.9
T5B4204T11Castrol Edge Professional V 0W-20 or 0w20 VCC RBS0-2AEapprox. 5.4
T5B4204T15approx. 5.4
T6B4204T9approx. 5.4
D4D4204T5approx. 5.6

Oil grade: ACEA A5/B5

Viscosity: SAE 5W–30

When driving under adverse conditions, use ACEA A5/B5 SAE 0W-30.

approx. 5.4
  1. 1 Engine code, component and serial number can be read on the engine; see Type designations.
  2. 2 Manual gearbox.
  3. 3 Automatic gearbox.