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Automatic gearbox -- Powershift*

An automatic gearbox with Powershift differs from an automatic gearbox with Geartronic, in that it has double mechanical clutch discs.
D: Automatic gear positions. +S–: Manual gear positions. S: Sport mode.

D: Automatic gear positions. +S–: Manual gear positions. S: Sport mode*.

The Powershift automatic gearbox transmits the motive force from the engine to the drive wheels with double mechanical clutch discs, as opposed to Geartronic which instead uses a hydraulic torque converter.

Powershift transmission operates in the same way and has similar controls and functions as the Geartronic automatic transmission. One exception is Geartronic's Winter mode, see the section "Geartronic - Winter mode". Powershift enables driving away on a slippery road surface if 2nd gear is engaged manually instead of 3rd gear (Geartronic).

Powershift or Geartronic

The model with Powershift transmission should not be towed as it is dependent on the engine running in order to receive sufficient lubrication. If towing still has to take place, the route must be as short as possible and then with very low speed.

In the event of uncertainty as to whether or not the car is equipped with Powershift transmission, this can be verified by checking the designation on the gearbox label under the bonnet - see Type designations. The designation ”MPS6” means that it is Powershift transmission - otherwise it is Geartronic automatic transmission.

To bear in mind

The transmission's double clutch has overload protection that is activated if it becomes too hot, e.g. if the car is held stationary with the accelerator pedal on an uphill gradient for a long time.

Overheated transmission causes the car to shake and vibrate, and the warning symbol illuminates and the combined instrument panel shows a message. The transmission can also overheat during slow driving in queues (10 km/h or slower) on an uphill gradient, or with a trailer hitched. The transmission cools down when the car is stationary, with foot brake depressed and the engine running at idling speed.

Overheating during slow driving in queues can be avoided by driving in stages:

  • Stop the car and wait with your foot on the brake pedal until there is a moderate distance to the traffic ahead, drive forward a short distance, and then wait another moment with your foot on the brake pedal.


Use the foot brake to hold the car stationary on an uphill gradient - do not hold the car with the accelerator pedal. The gearbox could then overheat.

For important information regarding Powershift transmission and towing, see Towing.

Text message and action

In some situations the combined instrument panel may show a text message at the same time as a symbol is illuminated.

SymbolMessageDriving characteristicsAction
Transm. overheat brake to holdDifficulty in maintaining even speed at constant engine speed.Transmission overheated. Keep the car stationary using the foot brake.1
Transm. overheat park safelySignificant pulling in the car's traction.Transmission overheated. Park the car immediately in a safe manner.1
Transm. cooling let engine runNo drive due to overheated gearbox.Transmission overheated. For fastest cooling: Run the engine at idling speed with the gear lever in the N or P position until the message clears.

The table shows three steps with an increased degree of seriousness should the transmission become too hot. In parallel with the text message, the driver is also advised that the car's electronics are temporarily changing the driving characteristics. Follow the instructions in the text message where appropriate.


The examples in the table are no indication of the car being defective, but show that a safety function has been activated with a view to preventing damage to any of the car's components.


If a warning symbol combined with the text Transm. overheat park safely is ignored then the heat in the gearbox may become so high that the power transmission between engine and gearbox is temporarily halted in order to prevent the clutch from malfunctioning - the car then loses drive and is stationary until gearbox temperature has cooled to an acceptable level.

For more possible text messages with their respective proposals for solutions concerning automatic gearbox, see Messages.

A text message extinguishes automatically after the action has been carried out or after one press on the indicator stalk OK button.

  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 For fastest cooling: run the engine at idling speed with the gear lever in the N or P position, until the message clears.

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