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Two-stage booster seat* - raising

The integrated booster seat in the rear seat can be folded up into two stages. How many stages the cushion should be folded up depends on the child's weight.
Stage 1Stage 2
Weight22-36 kg15-25 kg

Stage 1 1

Pull the handle forward and up in order to release the booster cushion.

Press the booster cushion backwards to lock.

Stage 2 2

Start from the lower stage. Press the button.

Lift the booster cushion up at the front edge and press it back against the backrest to lock.


It is not possible to adjust the booster seat from stage 2 to stage 1. It must first be reset by being fully folded down into the seat cushion.


If the instructions for the two-stage booster seat are not followed then the child could sustain serious injury in the event of an accident.


Volvo recommends that repair or replacement is only carried out by an authorised Volvo workshop. Do not make any modifications or additions to the booster cushion. If an integrated booster cushion has been subjected to a major load, such as in conjunction with a collision, the entire booster cushion must be replaced. Even if the booster cushion appears to be undamaged, it may not afford the same level of protection. The booster cushion must also be replaced if it is heavily worn.
  1. 1 Lower stage.
  2. 2 Upper stage.

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