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Instruments and controls, left-hand drive car - overview

The overview shows where the car's displays and controls are located.

Overview, left-hand drive cars

Menus and messages, direction indicators, main/dipped beam, trip computer Menu navigation - combined instrument panel , Messages - handling, direction indicators, Main/dipped beam and Trip computer - supplementary information.
Manual gear changing in an automatic gearbox* Automatic gearbox -- Geartronic .
Cruise control* Cruise control and Adaptive cruise control - ACC.
Horn, airbags Steering wheel and Airbag system.
Combined instrument panel Combined instrument panel .
Menu navigation, audio control, phone control* MY CAR , Audio and media - operating the system, Audio and media - menu navigation and Bluetooth® handsfree phone - overview.
START/STOP ENGINE button Starting the engine .
Ignition switch Key positions .
Screen for infotainment system and display of menus Audio and media , Audio and media - overview, Audio and media - operating the system and MY CAR.
Door handle
Control panel Locking/unlocking - from the inside , Child safety locks - electrical activation, Power windows and Door mirrors.
Hazard warning flashers Hazard warning flashers .
Control panel for infotainment system and menu navigation Audio and media - operating the system , Audio and media - menu navigation and MY CAR.
Control panel for climate control Electronic climate control - ECC .
Gear selector Manual gearbox or Automatic gearbox -- Geartronic.
Controls for active chassis (Four-C)* Active chassis - Four C .
Wipers and washing Wipers and washing .
Steering wheel adjustment Steering wheel .
Bonnet opener Bonnet - opening and closing .
Parking brake Parking brake .
Headlamp control, opener for fuel filler flap and tailgate Light switches , Fuel filler flap - Opening/closing and Locking/unlocking - tailgate.
Seat adjustment* Seats, front - electrically operated .
  1. * Option/accessory.

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