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Cruise control* - managing speed

The cruise control (CC – Cruise Control) helps the driver to maintain an even speed. It is possible to activate, set or change the speed.
Steering wheel keypad and combined instrument panel.

Steering wheel keypad and combined instrument panel.

  1. Cruise control - On/Off.
  2. Standby mode ceases and the stored speed is resumed.
  3. Standby mode
  4. Activate and adjust the speed.
  5. Selected speed (GREY = Standby mode).
  6. Cruise control active - WHITE symbol (GREY = Standby mode).

Activating and setting the speed

To enable cruise control:

  • Press the steering wheel button
>The cruise control symbol in the combined instrument panel changes from WHITE to GREY and shows that the cruise control is in standby mode.

To activate cruise control:

  • At the required speed - press the steering wheel button or .
>The current speed is stored in the memory and the combined instrument panel's marking (5) is illuminated/turns WHITE at the selected speed.


Cruise Control cannot be enabled at speeds below 30 km/h.

Changing the speed

To change the stored speed:

  • Adjust with short presses on or - every press gives +/- 5 km/h. The last presses made are stored in the memory.

To adjust +/- 1 km/h:

  • Hold the button depressed and release it at the desired speed.

A temporary increase in speed with the accelerator pedal, e.g. during overtaking, does not affect the cruise control setting - the car returns to the set speed when the accelerator pedal is released.


If any of the Cruise Control buttons are held depressed for several minutes then it is blocked and deactivated. To be able to reactivate Cruise Control, the car must be stopped and the engine restarted.

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