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Unlock the car via the service centre 1

Instructions for remotely unlocking the car.
When the VOC Service Centre has verified the car's owner or other authorised individual using the PIN code, an unlocking signal is sent to the car according to agreement.
The boot lid/tailgate must be opened in order to unlock the doors. Press twice on the touch button or pull the handle.


If the boot lid/tailgate does not open within a time predefined by the VOC Service Centre, the boot lid/tailgate will be relocked.
When the doors are opened, the car's alarm system will be triggered. Switch off the alarm by pressing the unlock button on the remote control key or insert the remote control key into the ignition switch.


If, for example, the car is parked in a parking garage, the remote unlocking function may possibly be disrupted due to poor reception.
  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 Cars with Volvo On Call*

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