Start/Stop* - function and operation

Some engine and gearbox combinations are equipped with a Start/Stop function which engages in the event of e.g. stationary traffic or waiting at traffic lights.

The Start/Stop function is activated automatically when the engine is started with the key.

P3-1320-v60H-Symbol - Autostart Engine running-099P3-1220- Start-Stop-knapp På-Av

The Start/Stop function is activated automatically when the engine is started with the key. The driver is made aware of this by the function's symbol illuminating in the combined instrument panel and the On/Off button lamp illuminating.

All of the car's normal systems such as lighting, radio, etc. work as normal even with an engine that has stopped automatically, except that some equipment may have the function temporarily reduced, e.g. the climate control system's fan speed or extremely high volume on the audio system.

Auto-stopping the engine

The following is required for the engine to auto-stop:

Declutch, set the gear lever in neutral position and release the clutch pedal - the engine stops automatically.M
Stop the car with the foot brake and then keep your foot on the pedal - the engine stops automatically. A
P3-1346-Knapp ECO

If the ECO function is activated then the engine may auto-stop before the car is completely stationary.

P3-1320-v60H-Symbol - Autostart Engine running-099

As verification and reminder that the engine is auto-stopped the combined instrument panel's symbol for the Start/Stop function illuminates.

Auto-starting the engine


With the gear lever in neutral position:

  1. Depress the clutch pedal or press the accelerator pedal - the engine starts.
  2. Engage a suitable gear and drive.
Release the foot pressure on the foot brake - the engine starts automatically and the journey can continue. A
Maintain foot pressure on the foot brake and depress the accelerator pedal - the engine auto-starts.A

The following option is also available on a downhill gradient:

Release the foot brake and let the car move off - the engine starts automatically when the speed exceeds normal walking pace.

M + A

Deactivating the Start/Stop function

P3-1220- Start-Stop-knapp På-Av

In certain situations, it may advisable to temporarily switch off the automatic Start/Stop function - this is carried out with a push of this button.

P3-1320-v60H-Symbol - Autostart Engine running-099

Disengaged function is indicated by the combined instrument panel's Start/Stop symbol and the On/Off button's lamp extinguishing.

The Start/Stop function is disengaged until it is reactivated with the button or until the next time the engine is started with the key.

Start assistance HSA

The foot brake can also be released on an uphill slope to auto-start the engine - the HSA (Hill Start Assist) function prevents the car from rolling backwards.

HSA means that the pressure in the brake system remains temporarily available while the driver moves his/her foot from the brake pedal to the accelerator pedal for driving off with the engine having stopped automatically. The temporary braking effect releases after a couple of seconds or when the driver accelerates.

  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 M = Manual gearbox, A = Automatic gearbox.