Making and receiving calls

Functions for handling phone calls.

Incoming call

Press OK/MENU to answer the call, even if the audio system is in e.g. RADIO or MEDIA mode.

Refuse or end with EXIT.

In call menu

In the normal view for the phone source, one press on OK/MENU during the current call gives access to the following functions:

  • Mobile phone - the call is transferred from handsfree to the mobile phone. For some mobile phones the connection is interrupted. This is normal. The handsfree function asks if you want to reconnect.
  • Mute microphone - audio system microphone is muted.
  • Dial number - option to call a third party using the number keys (current call set in standby).

Call register

The call register is mirrored in the handsfree function at each new connection and is then updated during the connection. In the normal view for the phone source, turn TUNE to the left to see the call register.

In the normal view for the phone source, you can see the call register for the connected phone by pressing OK/MENU and then selecting Call list.


To show the connected mobile phone's call register in the car, mirroring must be accepted in the mobile phone when it is connected. Depending on the mobile phone, this can be activated by means of the following:

  • a pop-up box or a notification is shown and accepted in the phone.
  • accept sharing of information in the phone's settings for the Bluetooth® connection to the car.

In some cases it may be a requirement that the mobile phone is disconnected and reconnected to the car in order for mirroring to be activated.