External audio source via AUX/USB input

An external audio source, e.g. an iPod® or MP3 player, can be connected to the audio system.
P3/P4-1246-DOM-iPod, MP3, USB stick

An iPod® or MP3 player with rechargeable batteries is recharged (when the ignition is on or the engine is running) if the device is plugged into the USB connection.

It is possible to copy music from USB1 to the car's hard disk drive (HDD) and then play it back from there.

For basic playback and navigation, read how the system is operated and menu navigation . See below for a more detailed description.

It is possible to link certain functions to the FAV button. A linked function is then activated simply by pressing the FAV button, see Favourites.

Playback and navigation

An audio source connected to the USB input can be operated using the car's audio controls. A device connected via the AUX input cannot be controlled via the car.

In the normal view for the audio source, turn TUNE to enter the folder structure or to search in categories. Navigate in the structure by turning TUNE, select folder using OK/MENU and go back in the structure using EXIT.

Start playback of a file by pressing OK/MENU.

When the playback of a file is finished the playback of the other files in the same folder continues. Folder change takes place automatically when all files in the current folder have been played back.

Media search

There is the option to search for music in your devices. The search scans through USB, disc and the hard disk drive. Read more about the search function.

USB memory

To facilitate the use of a USB memory stick, only store music files on it. It takes a lot longer for the system to load storage media that contains anything other than compatible music files.


The system supports mobile media compliant with USB 2.0 and the FAT32 file system.


When using a longer model USB memory stick the use of a USB adapter cable is recommended. This is to avoid mechanical wear to the USB input and the connected USB memory stick.

Technical specifications

Maximum number of files15000
Maximum number of folders1000
Maximum number of folder levels8
Maximum number of playlists100
Maximum number of items in a playlist1000
SubfoldersNo limit

MP3 player

Many MP3 players have their own file systems that are not supported by the audio system. For use in the system, an MP3 player must be set in USB Removable device/Mass Storage Device mode.



The system only supports the playback of audio files from iPod®.


The iPod® source must be used (not USB) to start playback.

When an iPod® is used as audio source, the car's audio and media system has a menu structure that is similar to the iPod® player's own menu structure.

  1. 1 Certain markets.