Active Xenon headlamps*

Active Xenon headlamps are designed to provide maximum illumination in bends and junctions and so provide increased safety.

Active Xenon headlamps ABL

p3007 ljusbild active bi-xenon ljus
Headlamp pattern with function deactivated (left) and activated (right) respectively.

If the car is equipped with active Xenon headlamps (Active Bending Lights – ABL) the light from the headlamps follows the steering wheel movement in order to provide maximum lighting in bends and junctions and so provide increased safety.

The function is activated automatically when the car is started (provided that it has not been deactivated in the menu system MY CAR, see MY CAR). In the event of a fault in the function the P3-0920 Symbol ABL – text symbol illuminates in the combined instrument panel at the same time as the information display shows an explanatory text and a further illuminated symbol.

P4-1246 Symbol ABL and GDLHeadlamp system malfunction Service requiredThe system is disengaged. Visit a workshop if the message remains. Volvo recommends that you contact an authorised Volvo workshop.

The function is only active in twilight or darkness and only when the car is moving.

The function1 can be deactivated/activated in the menu system MY CAR, see MY CAR.

For headlamp pattern adjustment, see Headlamps - adjusting headlamp pattern.

Cornering lights*

Active Xenon headlamps with the Active main beam function of the adaptive type (Active main beam with adaptive functionality) are equipped with cornering lights that temporarily illuminate the area diagonally in front of the car in the direction the steering wheel is turned in a sharp bend, or in the direction the direction indicators are being used.

The function is activated when main beam or dipped beam is used and the car's speed is lower than approx. 30 km/h.

In addition, both cornering lights are switched on as a supplement to the reversing lamp during reversing.

  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 Activated on delivery from the factory.