Phone book

The car mirrors the connected mobile phone's phone book and only shows this phone book when the mobile phone is connected.

All use of the phone book requires that the P3-1346-x60-Symbol-phone-connected small symbol appears at the top of the display screen and that the handsfree function is in phone mode.

If the phone book contains a ringing caller's contact information then this is shown in the display screen.


To show the connected mobile phone's phone book in the car, mirroring must be accepted in the mobile phone when it is connected. Depending on the mobile phone, this can be activated by means of the following:

  • a pop-up box or a notification is shown and accepted in the phone.
  • accept sharing of information in the phone's settings for the Bluetooth® connection to the car.

In some cases it may be a requirement that the mobile phone is disconnected and reconnected to the car in order for mirroring to be activated.