Transmission fluid - grade and volume

The prescribed transmission fluid and volume for each respective gearbox alternative can be read in the table.

Manual gearbox

Manual gearboxVolume (litres)Prescribed transmission fluid

approx. 1.91

approx. 1.452

BOT 350M3

Automatic gearbox

Automatic gearboxVolume (litres)Prescribed transmission fluid
TF-80SDapprox 7.0AW1

approx. 6.63

approx. 7.54

Automatic gearboxVolume (litres)Prescribed transmission fluid
TG-81SCapprox 6.6AW1


The transmission fluid does not need to be changed under normal driving conditions. However, it may be necessary under adverse driving conditions.
  1. 1 Applies to 5-cylinder engines.
  2. 2 Applies to other engines.
  3. 3 Petrol engines
  4. 4 Diesel engines