Seatbelt reminder

Unbelted occupants will be reminded to fasten their seatbelt by means of an audio and visual reminder.
P3-1246-Overheadconsol – Fasten belt

The audio reminder is speed dependent, and in some cases time dependent. The visual reminder is located in the roof console and in the combined instrument panel.

Child seats are not covered by the seatbelt reminder system.

Rear seat

The seatbelt reminder in the rear seat has two subfunctions:

  • Provides information on which seatbelts are being used in the rear seat. A message appears in the combined instrument panel when the seatbelts are in use, or if one of the rear doors has been opened. The message is cleared automatically after driving for approximately 30 seconds or after pressing the indicator stalk OK button.
  • Provides a warning if one of the rear seatbelts is unfastened during travel. This warning takes the form of a message in the combined instrument panel along with the audio/visual signal. The warning stops when the seatbelt is re-fastened, or it can also be acknowledged manually by pressing the OK button.

The message in the combined instrument panel showing which seatbelts are in use is always shown. Press the OK button to see stored messages.

Certain markets

An acoustic signal and indicator lamp remind the driver and front seat passenger to use a seatbelt if either of them is not wearing one. At low speed, the audio reminder will sound for the first 6 seconds.