BLIS* - operation

BLIS (Blind Spot Information) is a function designed for providing support for the driver when driving in dense traffic on roads with several lanes in the same direction.

Activate/deactivate BLIS

BLIS is activated when the engine is started. This is confirmed by the indicator lamps in the door panels flashing once.

P3-sv60/V60H BLIS På-/Av-knapp
Button for activating/deactivating.

The BLIS function can be deactivated/activated by pressing the BLIS button on the centre console.

Some combinations of the selected equipment leave no vacant space for a button in the centre console - in which case the function is handled by the car's menu system MY CAR.

When BLIS is deactivated/activated the lamp in the button extinguishes/illuminates and the combined instrument panel confirms the change with a text message. The door panel indicator lamps flash once upon activation.

To extinguish the message:

  • Press the left stalk switch OK button.


  • Wait approx. 5 seconds - the message extinguishes.

When BLIS operates

P4-1220- BLIS Princip
Principle for BLIS: 1. Zone in blind spot. 2. Zone for rapidly approaching vehicle.

The BLIS function is active at speeds above 10 km/h (6 mph).

The system is designed to react when:

  • the driver's vehicle is overtaken by other vehicles
  • the driver's vehicle is rapidly caught up by another vehicle.

When BLIS detects a vehicle in zone 1 or a quickly approaching vehicle in zone 2, the door panel BLIS lamp illuminates with a constant glow. If the driver activates the direction indicator on the same side as the warning in this situation then the BLIS lamp will change from a constant glow to flashing with a more intense light.


BLIS does not work in sharp bends.

BLIS does not work when the car is being reversed.


  • Dirt, ice and snow covering sensors can reduce functionality and make it impossible to provide warnings. BLIS cannot detect hazards if it is covered.
  • Do not affix any objects, tape or labels in the area of the sensors.
  • BLIS is deactivated when a trailer is connected to the car's electrical system.


Repair of the BLIS and CTA functions' components or repainting the bumpers must only be performed by a workshop - an authorised Volvo workshop is recommended.
  1. * Option/accessory.