Tyres - direction of rotation

Tyres with a tread pattern which are designed to only turn in one direction have the direction of rotation marked with an arrow.
p3007 hjul och däck, rotationsriktning
The arrow shows the tyre's direction of rotation.

The tyre must always rotate in the same direction throughout its lifespan. Tyres should only be switched between front and rear positions, never between left and right-hand sides, or vice versa. If the tyres are fitted incorrectly, the car's braking characteristics and capacity to force rain and slush out of the way are adversely affected. Tyres with the greatest tread depth should always be fitted to the rear of the car (to decrease the risk of skidding).


Make sure that both pairs of wheels have the same type and dimension, and also the same make.

Follow the recommended tyre pressures specified in the tyre pressure table.