Tyre monitoring (TM)*1

The TM (Tyre Monitor) system senses tyre rotation speed in order to determine whether the tyres have the correct tyre pressure.

System description

If the tyre pressure is too low, the tyre's diameter is changed and, as a result, so is its rotation speed. By comparing the tyres with each other the system can determine whether one or more tyres have pressure that is too low.

The system does not replace normal tyre maintenance.


If the tyre pressure is too low then an indicator symbol (P1 USA 820 TPMS symbol (small)) illuminates in the combined instrument panel and one of the following messages is shown:

  • Tyre pressure low Check, adjust and calibrate
  • Tyre pressure system Service required
  • Tyre pressure system Currently unavailable


If a fault occurs in the TM system the indicator symbol P1 USA 820 TPMS symbol (small) in the combined instrument panel will flash for approx. 1 minute and then illuminate with a constant glow. A message is also shown in the combined instrument panel.

Deleting the messages

Check the tyre pressure in all tyres with a tyre pressure gauge.
Inflate the tyre/tyres to the correct pressure in accordance with the tyre pressure label on the driver's side door pillar (between front and rear doors).
Recalibrate the TM system in MY CAR.


To avoid incorrect tyre pressure, the pressure should be checked on cold tyres. "Cold tyres" means the tyres are the same temperature as the ambient temperature (approx. 3 hours after the car has been driven). After a few kilometres of driving, the tyres warm up and the pressure increases.


  • Incorrect tyre pressure may lead to tyre failure, which could result in the driver losing control of the car.
  • The system cannot indicate sudden tyre damage in advance.

TM calibration

In order for TM system to work correctly, a reference value for the tyre pressure must be determined. This must be done each time the tyres are changed or the tyre pressure is adjusted by recalibrating the system in MY CAR.

For example, the tyre pressure should be adjusted when driving with a heavy load or for high-speed driving (above 160 km/h (100 mph)). Following which, the system must be recalibrated.


Settings are made using the centre console's controls, see MY CAR.
Stop the engine.

Inflate all tyres to the desired pressure in accordance with the tyre pressure label on the driver's side door pillar (between front and rear doors).

Or see the tyre pressure table.

Start the engine and let the car stand still.
Open the menu system MY CAR and select the menu Tyre monitor.
Select Start calibration and press OK.
Press OK after all tyres have been checked and adjusted in order to start calibration.
Drive the car.
Recalibration is carried out automatically while the car is being driven and can be interrupted at any time. If the engine is switched off while recalibration is in progress then it is resumed when the car is driven again. The system provides no confirmation when the calibration is complete.

The new reference value applies until steps 1-7 are repeated.


Remember that the TM system must be recalibrated at each tyre change or if the tyre pressure is adjusted. If new reference values are not stored then the system cannot function properly.


  • After a tyre has been inflated, always refit the dust cap in order to avoid damage to the valve from gravel, dirt, etc.
  • Only use plastic dust caps. Metal dust caps can rust and become difficult to unscrew.

System and tyre status

The current status of the system and the tyres can be checked in the centre console's screen.
Open the menu system MY CAR.
Select the Tyre monitor menu.
Status for tyre pressures is shown with a colour code.

The status is colour-coded for each tyre in accordance with the following:

  • All-green: the system is operating normally and the tyre pressure in all tyres is slightly above the recommended level.
  • Yellow wheel: corresponding tyre's pressure is too low.
  • All wheels yellow: two or more tyres have pressure that is too low.
  • All wheels grey and the message Tyre pressure system Currently unavailable: the tyre pressure system is temporarily deactivated. It may be necessary to drive the car for a short time above 30 km/h (20 mph) before the system becomes active again.
  • All wheels grey and the message Tyre pressure system Service required: an error has occurred in the system. Contact a Volvo dealer or workshop.
  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 Standard in certain markets.

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