Locking/unlocking - tailgate

The tailgate can be opened, locked and unlocked in several ways.

Unlocking with the remote control key

p3007 låsning/upplåsning bagagelucka

The alarm for the tailgate can be disarmed* and the tailgate unlocked on its own by using the remote control key's P3-820 Remote key - Icon Tailgate unlock button.

If the car is equipped with an alarm* then the alarm indicator on the instrument panel is extinguished to show that the alarm is not armed for the whole of the car. The alarm's level and movement sensors and the sensors for opening the tailgate are disconnected.

The doors remain locked and armed.

  • The tailgate is unlocked, but remains closed - press lightly on the rubberised pressure plate under the outer handle and lift the tailgate.

If the tailgate is not opened within 2 minutes then it is relocked and the alarm is re-armed.

Unlocking the car from inside

P3-13w20-S60/V60/V60H/XC60 Lock/unlock tailgate from inside
Ikon röd cirkel 1Unlocking, tailgate
To unlock the tailgate:
Press the lighting panel button (1).
The tailgate is unlocked and can be opened within 2 minutes (if the car is locked from the inside).

Locking with the remote control key

Press the remote control key's button for locking P3-820 Remote key - Icon Lock, see Remote control key - functions.
If the car is equipped with an alarm* the alarm indicator on the instrument panel starts to flash, which means that the alarm is armed.
  1. * Option/accessory.