City Safety in cross traffic

City Safety can help the driver when crossing the path of another oncoming vehicle at an intersection.
P5-1507-CitySafety Korsande trafik
Sector in which City Safety can detect oncoming crossing vehicles.

For City Safety to detect an oncoming vehicle on a collision course, the oncoming vehicle must first enter the sector (1) in which City Safety can analyse the situation.

The following further criteria must also be fulfilled:
  • the driver's vehicle must be travelling at no less than 4 km/h (3 mph)
  • the oncoming vehicle must have its headlamps switched on.


City Safety is an aid and does not work in all driving situations, traffic, weather and road conditions.

Warnings and brake interventions due to a collision risk with an oncoming vehicle often come very late.

The driver is always responsible for maintaining the correct distance and speed - never wait for a collision warning or for City Safety to intervene.


In some cases City Safety may have difficulty helping the driver deal with collision risks due to oncoming cross traffic. Examples are:
  • in slippery conditions where the Electronic stability control intervenes
  • if the oncoming vehicle is detected too late
  • if the oncoming vehicle is hidden by another vehicle
  • if the oncoming vehicle drives in an unpredictable manner, for example, abruptly changes lanes at a late stage.

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