Updating map data with MapCare

An owner of Volvo Sensus Navigation can update the navigation system's map data via the internet.

General information about updating

Updating can be done direct to the car with remote updating using a mobile telephone connection or via a computer using a USB memory.

The car's map is divided up into a number of predefined regions. When updating map data it is not necessary to update all the regions - the driver can choose to only update one or more specific regions.

One or more regions can be updated over the car’s Internet connection. If a large number of regions - or the whole map - is to be updated, the total quantity of map data can be so large that it is much easier to update via a computer using a USB memory.


If an itinerary stretches over several regions, all these should have the same version number. Otherwise there is a possibility that a calculated route can go an unexpected way.

Updating of the map structure

Sometimes the map structure must be changed - this occurs if a region has to be added or when a large region needs to be divided into smaller regions. When this occurs any attempt to update individual regions using a normal procedure will fail and a message will indicate the reason.

Instead, the whole map must be reinstalled via a USB memory. For further information - see Volvo Cars support page (support.volvocars.com) or contact a Volvo dealer.

Updating of the navigation system software

Besides the map data, the navigation system's own software, which is subject to constant development, requires updating now and then. A situation can then arise where the latest updates of map data cannot be supported by the existing software of the navigation system. In which case a message is shown to inform that the navigation system software must be updated. This can be done at a Volvo dealer.

More information may be found under "Software Version" in the "System Settings" section.

Updating via remote updating or USB

For information about how maps are updated see the sections "Updating map data via remote updating" and "Updating map data via PC and USB".

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to change the platform for map data, e.g. from Europe to North America?Yes, with some exceptions. Contact a Volvo dealer for up-to-date information.
How long does it take to download a map update?It depends on the map file size and the connection bandwidth. Information about the update's size (MB) is shown on the screen.
How large is an update?This depends on the market. Detailed information is given with each market map - see Volvo Cars support page (support.volvocars.com).
None of this updating works - what should I do?Try by visiting Volvo Cars support page (support.volvocars.com) or contact a Volvo dealer.