Digital radio

Digital radio (Digital Audio Broadcasting, DAB) is a digital broadcasting system for radio. The radio supports DAB, DAB+ and DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting).
P5–1507–Voice control symbol

The radio can be operated using voice recognition, the steering wheel keypad or the centre display.

P5–1507–App-DAB Radio

The digital radio app is launched from app view in the centre display.

Digital radio plays back in the same way as FM and AM, see section "Changing and searching for radio stations". Besides the options to select playback from Stations, Favourites and Genres, there is also the option to select playback from subchannels and Ensembles. An ensemble is a set of radio channels (a channel group) broadcasting on the same frequency.

DAB subchannel

Secondary components are usually named subchannels. These are temporary and can contain e.g. translations of the main programme into other languages. Subchannels are indicated with an arrow symbol in the channel list.