Using windscreen wipers

The windscreen wiper cleans the windscreen. Different settings for the windscreen wiper are made with the right-hand steering wheel stalk switch.
P5-1507-Windshield wipers and washers
Right-hand stalk switch.
  1. P5-Icon red circle 1Thumbwheel sensitivity/frequency

Single sweep

P5-1507-Windshield Single sweep

Lower the stalk switch and release to make one sweep.

Windscreen wipers off

P5-1507-Windshield wiper off

Move the stalk switch to position 0 to switch off the windscreen wipers.

Intermittent wiping

P5-1507-Windshield, intermittent wiping

Set the number of sweeps per time unit with the thumbwheel when intermittent wiping is selected.

Continuous wiping

P5-1507-Windshield continuous wiping 1

Raise the stalk switch for the wipers to sweep at normal speed.

P5-1507-Windshield continuous wiping 2

Raise the stalk switch further for the wipers to sweep at high speed.


Before activating the wipers - ensure that the wiper blades are not frozen in, and that any snow or ice on the windscreen (and rear window) is scraped away.


Use plenty of washer fluid when the wipers are cleaning the windscreen. The windscreen must be wet when the windscreen wipers are operating.