Activating/deactivating the timer for preconditioning

A time setting in the timer for preconditioning can be activated or deactivated based on need.
P5-1519-XC90H–Climate–Button preconditioning timer
The timer buttons in the Parking climate tab in the climate view.
Open the climate view in the centre display.
Select the Parking climate tab.
Activate/deactivate a time setting by tapping on the timer button to the right of the setting.
The time setting is activated/deactivated and the button illuminates/extinguishes.


Do not use preconditioning1:

  • In unventilated spaces indoors. Exhaust gases are emitted if the heater starts.
  • In locations with combustible or flammable material nearby. Fuel, gas, long grass, sawdust, etc. may ignite.
  • When there is a risk that the heater’s exhaust line may be blocked. For example, deep snow inside the front right-hand wheel housing can obstruct the heater’s ventilation.

Remember that the preconditioning can be started by a timer that has been set for a long time in advance.

  1. 1 Applicable to fuel-driven auxiliary heater.