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V60 Plug-in Hybrid
2014 Late


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Keyless drive* - handling the PCC safely

It is important to handle all remote control keys with great care.

Keyless drive* - key memory

The key memory* in the PCC means that certain settings in the car can be individually adapted for different persons.

Keyless drive* - PCC range

In order to open a door or the tailgate, a PCC must be no more than approx. 1.5 metres from the car door handle or tailgate.

Keyless drive* - unlocking

Unlocking takes place when a hand grasps a door handle or the tailgate's rubberised pressure plate is actuated - open the door or tailgate as normal.

Keyless drive*

Keyless drive, only with PCC* means that the car's lock and starting systems can be operated keylessly.

Keyless drive* - interference to PCC function

Electromagnetic fields and screening can interfere with the Keyless function.

Keyless drive* - locking

Cars with the Keyless-drive system have a touch-sensitive area on the outer handle of the doors and a rubberised button next to the tailgate's rubberised pressure plate for locking/unlocking.

Keyless drive* - antenna location

The Keyless system has a number of integrated antennae located around the car.

Keyless drive* - lock settings

Lock settings for the Keyless function can be adapted.