V60 Plug-in Hybrid

2015 Early

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V60 Plug-in Hybrid
2015 Early

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Media Bluetooth®

The car's media player is equipped with Bluetooth® and can wirelessly play streaming audio files from external devices with Bluetooth®, such as mobile phones and PDAs.


Media player can play back pre-recorded and burned CD/DVD discs.


External audio source via AUX/USB input

An external audio source, e.g. an iPod® or MP3 player, can be connected to the audio system.


The TV picture is only shown when the car is stationary. When the car is moving at a speed over approx. 6 km/h the picture disappears, although the audio is heard during this time. The picture reappears when the car has stopped.

Media search

There is the option to search for music in your devices. The search seeks through USB, disc and hard disc drive.

Media player - compatible file formats

The media player can play back a variety of file types and is compatible with the formats in the following tables.

Remote control*

The remote control can be used for all functions in the audio and media system. The remote control's buttons have the same functions as the buttons in the centre console or steering wheel keypad.

Media player

The media player can playback audio and video from CD/DVD discs discs and externally connected audio sources via the AUX/USB input or wirelessly stream audio files from external devices via Bluetooth®. Certain media players can show TV* and have the option to communicate with a mobile phone via Bluetooth®.It is possible to copy music from a disc/USB to the car's hard disc drive.In an Internet-connected car it may be possible to listen to Internet radio, audio books and use music service, see Apps.

Hard disk drive (HDD)

It is possible to copy music from disc/USB to the car's hard disk drive (HDD) and then play it back from there.