Updated 2/21/2022


It is important to use the correct fuel during refuelling. Petrol is available with different octane ratings that are adapted for different types of driving.

Only use petrol from well-known producers. Never use fuel of dubious quality. The petrol must fulfil the EN 228 standard.


  • Fuel that contains up to 10 percent by volume ethanol is permitted.
  • EN 228 E10 petrol (max 10 percent by volume ethanol) is approved for use.
  • Ethanol higher than E10 (max. 10 percent by volume ethanol) is not permitted, e.g. E85 is not permitted.

Octane rating

  • RON 95 can be used for normal driving.
  • RON 98 is recommended for good power and low fuel consumption.
  • An octane rating lower than RON 95 must not be used.

When driving in temperatures above +38 °C (100 °F), fuel with the highest octane rating is recommended for adapted performance and fuel economy.


  • Use only unleaded petrol to avoid damaging the catalytic converter.
  • Fuel containing metallic additives must not be used.
  • Do not use any additives which have not been recommended by Volvo.

Messages in the driver display

If the car has been driven with the electric motor only for a long time, the fuel may become too old and need to be consumed. If this takes place, the following messages will be shown in the driver display.



Aged fuel Start engine to consume fuel

The tank contains a lot of aged fuel. Start the engine to consume the fuel.

Aged fuel Engine will run to consume fuel

The tank contains a lot of aged fuel. The engine is started automatically to consume the fuel.

Aged fuel Fill up fuel tank

The tank contains a small amount of aged fuel. Fully refuel the car in order to dilute the aged fuel.

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