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V60 Twin Engine

Hybrid information

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Hybrid battery gauge

The hybrid battery gauge shows how much energy there is in the hybrid battery.

Hybrid gauge

In drive modes Hybrid and Pure, the driver display shows a hybrid gauge that can help the driver to drive the car in a more energy-efficient way.

Drive systems

Volvo's Twin Engine combines an internal combustion engine that drives the front wheels with an electric motor that drives the rear wheels.

Starting and stopping the combustion engine in Twin Engine

An advanced control system determines the extent to which the car is driven on internal combustion engine, electric motor or both in parallel. During electric operation, the car may sometimes need to start the internal combustion engine automatically due to external circumstances, e.g. in low outside temperatures, which is completely normal. In addition, the internal combustion engine always starts when the hybrid battery reaches its lowest state of charge.

Hold and Charge function

In some situations, it can be useful to be able to control the hybrid battery's state of charge while driving is in progress. This is possible with the functions Hold and Charge.

Drive modes

Selection of drive mode affects the car's driving characteristics in order to enhance the driving experience and facilitate driving in special situations.

General information about Twin Engine

Twin Engine runs like a regular car, but certain functions differ from a car that only runs on petrol or diesel. The electric motor drives the car mostly at low speeds, the petrol engine at higher speeds, as well as during more active driving.

Symbols and messages relating to Twin Engine in the driver display

A number of symbols and messages regarding Twin Engine can be shown in the driver display. They may also be shown in combination with general indicator and warning symbols and are then extinguished when the problems have been rectified.

Long-term storage of cars with hybrid batteries

To minimise the risk of damage to the hybrid battery during long-term storage (longer than 1 month) it is recommended that the state of charge (SoC) is maintained at approximately 25%. Check the charge level in the driver display on a regular basis.

Driving with electric operation

When driving on electric power, Volvo Twin Engine provides a combination of good fuel economy, low emissions and high performance.

Factors that affect range when running on electricity

The car's range for electric operation depends on several factors. The ability to achieve a long range varies according to the circumstances and conditions under which the car is being driven.

Battery recycle

A used starter battery should be recycled in an environmentally sound manner – it contains lead.

Hybrid battery

The car is equipped with a hybrid battery for electric motor operation - a maintenance-free rechargeable Lithium-ion type battery.