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XC90 Twin Engine

Climate controls for passenger compartment

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Auto-regulating the climate

With an auto-regulated climate, several climate functions are controlled automatically by the climate control system.

Changing the air distribution

The air distribution can be changed manually if required.

Climate controls at the rear of the tunnel console

The rear seat's climate functions are controlled from the climate panel at the rear of the tunnel console.

Regulating the temperature

The temperature can be set separately for the left and right-hand sides and separately for the front and rear seats.

Regulating the fan level

The fan can be set to five different automatic fan levels as well as Off and Max. The fan level can be set separately for front and rear seats.

Activating/deactivating defrost of windows and mirrors

The three functions max defroster, heated windscreen*, and heated rear window and door mirrors are used to quickly remove misting and ice from the windows and door mirrors.

Activating/deactivating air conditioning

The air conditioning cools and dehumidifies incoming air as required.

Climate controls in the centre display

All climate functions can be regulated from the climate row and the climate view in the centre display.

Climate controls

The climate control system's functions are controlled from the centre display, physical buttons in the centre console and the climate panel at the rear of the tunnel console.

Activating/deactivating air recirculation

The air recirculation shuts out bad air, exhaust fumes, etc. from the passenger compartment, by means of no outside air being drawn into the car.