Additional heater

Updated 7/23/2018

The additional heater helps the passenger compartment and engine reach the correct temperature while driving.

The additional heater is one of two subfunctions of the car's heater. The heater is fitted in the front right-hand wheel housing.


When the heater is running, smoke may be emitted from the right-hand front wheel housing and a low hum may be heard. This is perfectly normalApplicable to fuel-driven auxiliary heater..

The additional heater starts and is controlled automatically when heating is required while the car is being driven.

It then switches off automatically when the car is switched off.


Make sure there is enough fuel in the car's normal fuel tank if the heater needs to be usedApplicable to fuel-driven auxiliary heater..

Make sure that there is enough charge in the hybrid battery if the heater needs to be used.

Activating/deactivating automatic start for the additional heater

It is possible to set whether automatic start for the additional heater should be activated/deactivated.

Press Settings in the top view in the centre display.

Press Climate.

Select Additional Heater to activate/deactivate automatic start of the additional heater.


Volvo recommends that the automatic start for the additional heater should be switched off for short driving distancesApplicable to fuel-driven auxiliary heater..


If the auxiliary heater's automatic starting is deactivated, this may impede comfort in the passenger compartment as the climate control system will then have no heat source during electrical operation.

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