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XC90 Twin Engine

Instruments and controls

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Ignition positions

The car's electrical system can be set in different levels/positions and in this way make the different functions available.


Sensus - connection and maintenance

Sensus makes it possible to surf the Internet, use different types of apps and make the car a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Automatic braking when stationary

Automatic braking when stationary (Auto Hold) means that the driver can release the brake pedal while maintaining braking effect when the car has stopped at traffic lights or a junction.


HomeLink® is a programmable remote control that is integrated into the car's electrical system.

Instruments and controls, left-hand drive car

The overviews show where the displays and controls near the driver are located.


The upper right-hand corner of the rearview mirror has an integrated display that shows the compass direction in which the front of the car is pointing.

Opening and closing the bonnet

The bonnet can be opened using the handle in the passenger compartment and a handle under the bonnet.


Parking brake

The parking brake prevents the car from rolling away from stationary by means of mechanically locking/blocking two wheels.

Programming HomeLink®*

Instructions for programming HomeLink®.

Calibrating the compass*

The earth is divided into 15 magnetic zones. The compass should be calibrated if the car is moved between several magnetic zones.


Drive modes

Selection of drive mode affects the car's driving characteristics in order to enhance the driving experience and facilitate driving in special situations.

Instruments and controls, right-hand drive car

The overviews show where the displays and controls near the driver are located.

Climate controls

The climate control system's functions are controlled from the centre display, physical buttons in the centre console and the climate panel at the rear of the tunnel console.

Head-up display*

The head-up display shows warnings and information relating to speed, cruise control functions, navigation, etc. in the driver's field of vision. Road sign information and incoming phone calls are also shown in the head-up display.