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XC90 Twin Engine


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Change of ownership for cars with Volvo On Call

In the event of change of ownership of a car it is important to change the owner of the Volvo On Call (VOC) service.


Sensus - connection and maintenance

Sensus makes it possible to surf the Internet, use different types of apps and make the car a Wi-Fi hotspot.

IntelliSafe-driver support

IntelliSafe is the Volvo Cars concept concerning car safety. It comprises a number of systems that contribute to making a car journey safe, to the prevention of injuries and to the protection of passengers from other road users.

Recording data

As part of Volvo's safety and quality assurance, certain information about the vehicle's operation, functionality and incidents are recorded in the car.

Important information on accessories, extra equipment and diagnostic socket

Incorrect connection and installation of accessories, extra equipment or software/diagnostic tools may have a negative effect on the car's electronic system.

Drive-E - cleaner driving pleasure

Volvo Car Corporation is constantly working on the development of safer and more efficient products and solutions in order to reduce the negative impact on the environment.

The owner's manual and the environment

The Owner's Manual is printed on paper originating from controlled forests.

Owner information is available here

The owner's manual is available in the car's centre display, as a mobile app and on Volvo's support page. There is a Quick Guide and a supplement to the owner's manual available in the glovebox, with specifications and fuse information, amongst other things. A complete printed owner's manual can be ordered.


Volvo ID

Volvo ID provides access to a wide range of personalized Volvo services* online.