Remote control key

Locking/unlocking with the detachable key blade

Updated 7/23/2018

Amongst other things, the detachable key blade can be used to unlock the car from the outside - e.g. if the remote control key's battery has become discharged.


Pull out the front door handle on the left-hand sideThis applies whether the car is right-hand drive or left-hand drive. to its end position so that the lock cylinder become visible.

Insert the key in the lock cylinder.

Turn clockwise 45 degrees so that the key blade is pointing straight back.

Turn the key back 45 degrees to its starting position. Remove the key from the lock cylinder and release the handle so that the rear section of the handle is resting against the car again.

Pull out the handle.

The door opens.

Locking will be performed in the same way, but with an anticlockwise turn 45 degrees instead of clockwise in step (3).


When the door is unlocked using the key blade and is then opened, the alarm is triggered.

The backup reader

The backup reader's location in the tunnel console.

Deactivate the alarm as follows:

Place the remote control key in the backup reader in the bottom of the cup holder in the tunnel console.

Then turn the start knob to START and release it.

The control automatically returns to its starting position - the alarm signal stops and the alarm switches off.


It is also possible to lock the car with the remote control key's detachable key blade e.g. in the event of a loss of power or if the key's battery has become discharged.

The left-hand front door can be locked with its lock cylinder and the detachable key blade.

Other doors have no lock cylinders and instead have a lock switch on the end of each door which must be depressed using the key blade - they are then mechanically locked/blocked to prevent them being opened from outside.

The doors can still be opened from the inside.

Manual locking of the door. Not to be mixed up with the child safety locks.

Manual locking of the door. Not to be mixed up with the child safety locks.

Remove the detachable key blade from the remote control key. Insert the key blade in the hole for lock reset and press the key in until the key bottoms, approx. 12 mm.

The door can be opened from both the outside and the inside.
The door is blocked against opening from the outside. To return to position A, the inner door handle must be opened.

The doors can also be unlocked with the unlock button on the remote control key or with the central locking button on the driver's door.


  • A door's lock reset only locks that particular door - not all doors simultaneously.
  • A manually locked rear door with an activated manual child safety lock cannot be opened from either the outside or the inside. A rear door locked in this way can only be unlocked with the remote control key, central locking button or by pulling the interior door handle.

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