Charging the hybrid battery

Charge status

Updated 7/23/2018

Charge status is shown in an LED lamp in the car's charging input socket, in the charging cable's control unit and in the driver display.

Indication in the charging input socket's LED lamp

LED lamp location in the car

LED lamp location in the car's charging input socket.

The LED lamp shows the existing status while charging is in progress. The white, red and yellow lamps are activated when the passenger compartment lighting is switched on - they remain switched on for a while after the passenger compartment lighting has been switched off.

LED lamp's glow



LED light.


Waiting modeFor example, after a door has been opened or if the charging cable's plug is not locked in. - waiting for charging to start.

Flashing green

Charging in progressThe slower the flashing, the closer to fully charged..


Charging completeExtinguishes after a while..


A fault has arisen.

Charge status in the driver display

The driver display shows the status for charging with both image and text. The information is shown for as long as the driver display is operating.


Charge status is shown in the driver display, amongst other things. If it is not used for a while then it is dimmed. Reactivate the display by means of one of the following:

  • depress the brake pedal
  • open one of the doors
  • turn the ignition dial to position I.




Fully charged at: [Time] is shown together with an animation with blue pulsating light through the charging cable.

Charging continues and an approximate time for when the battery is estimated to be fully charged is shown.

The text Charging complete is shown. An illustration of the car is shown with an LED indicator at the charging input socket that illuminates in green.

The battery is fully charged.

The text Charging error is shown. The LED indicator at the charging input socket illuminates in red.

A fault has occurred, check the connection of the charging cable to the car's charging input socket and to the 230 VAC socketThe voltage in the socket may vary depending on market..

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