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Automatic speed limiter*

Updated 7/23/2018

The Automatic Speed Limiter function (Automatic Speed LimiterASL) sets the car’s maximum speed to conform to that indicated by road signs.

The Speed Limiter function (Speed LimiterSL) can be changed to Automatic Speed Limiter.

The Automatic speed limiter scans roadside speed-related signs and adjusts the car’s maximum speed to conform to that indicated by the signs. It is very similar to the Road Sign Information function (Road Sign InformationRSI).


Even if the driver can clearly see the speed-related traffic sign, the camera's readings may be inaccurate because the sign may be incorrectly angled, positioned, dirty or too high - in such cases the driver must intervene and accelerate or brake to the appropriate speed.

Is SL or ASL active?

Symbols in the driver display show which speed limiter function is active:




VIT symbol: Function active, GREY symbol: Standby mode.

VIT symbol: Function active, GREY symbol: Standby mode.

Sign symbolSee the following heading

Sign symbol

See the following heading "ASL symbol" regarding the meaning of the symbol's colour.

after "70" = ASL is activated.

The ASL symbol

The sign symbol (displayed alongside the stored speed, "70", in the centre of the speedometer) can be shown in three colours with the following meanings:

Colour of sign symbol


Greenish yellow

ASL is active


ASL has been set in standby mode


ASL is in temporary standby modeFor example, scanning of a sign failed.


Adjustment of the Automatic speed limit occurs first after the car has passed a speed limiting road sign. If a road sign cannot be read, due to such factors as an incorrectly angled or dirty sign or reduced visibility, then ASL is set in standby mode and SL becomes active.

In such cases, the driver must take responsibility for slowing down to an appropriate speed. ASL will be reactivated when the car passes a road sign that can be read.

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