Symbols and messages

Warning symbols in the driver display

Updated 7/23/2018

The warning symbols alert the driver that an important function is activated or that a serious fault or condition exists.


If the brake fluid is below the MIN level in the brake fluid reservoir, do not drive further before topping up the brake fluid.

The loss of brake fluid must be investigated by a workshop. Volvo recommends contacting an authorised Volvo workshop.


If the BRAKE and ABS symbols are lit at the same time, there is a risk that the rear end will skid during heavy braking.




The red warning symbol illuminates when a fault has been indicated which could affect the safety and/or driveability of the car. An explanatory text is shown on the driver display at the same time. The warning symbol can also illuminate in conjunction with other symbols.

Seatbelt reminder

This symbol flashes if someone in a front seat has not put on their seatbelt or if someone in a rear seat has taken off their seatbelt.


If the symbol remains illuminated or illuminates while driving, a fault has been detected in one of the car's safety systems. Read the message in the driver display. Volvo recommends that an authorised Volvo workshop is contacted.

Fault in brake system

If this symbol illuminates, the brake fluid level may be too low. Visit the nearest authorised workshop to have the brake fluid level checked and rectified.

Parking brake applied

This symbol illuminates with a constant glow when the parking brake is applied.

A flashing symbol means that a fault has arisen. Read the message in the driver display.

Low oil pressure

If this symbol illuminates during driving then the engine's oil pressure is too low. Stop the engine immediately and check the engine oil level, top up if necessary. If the symbol illuminates and the oil level is normal, contact a workshop. Volvo recommends that an authorised Volvo workshop is contacted.

Alternator not charging

This symbol illuminates during driving if a fault has occurred in the electrical system. Visit a workshop. Volvo recommends that an authorised Volvo workshop is contacted.

Reminder for doors, bonnet, tailgate and fuel filler flap

If the bonnet, tailgate, fuel filler flap or door is not closed properly then the information or warning symbol and graphics illuminate in the driver display.

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