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How do I notice that a safety function has been activated?

If you notice that the car acts of its own accord in an unexpected way then this may be due to one of the car's safety-related functions being activated.

Altered start/stop symbols

The start/stop function switches off the engine temporarily when you come to a halt and then starts automatically when needed.

Wiper blades in service position

The wiper blades must be in service position if you want to change, clean or lift them, e.g. for scraping off ice from the windscreen.

New procedures for replacing the rear wiper blade

If your car has been in for service and a service technician has replaced the wiper arm for the rear wiper blade, the procedure for replacing the wiper is different.

Positioning toll tags on windscreens with heat reflective film

If you use a road toll tag or transmitter in your car to pass through road tolls, it is important that you position it correctly in the windscreen.

Privacy locking

The purpose of privacy locking, which is called private locking on certain models, is to be able to lock the boot lid/tailgate and glovebox but still have the option to open the doors and start the car. Privacy locking is especially useful when you are leaving your car in for service or at a hotel.

Connecting driver profile to key

Personal preferences for seats, climate control, audio, navigation and communication, amongst other things, can be saved in driver profiles and connected to one of the car's keys.

Cargo area floor in V90 Cross Country - Volvo Ocean Race

V90 Cross Country - Volvo Ocean Race is equipped with an exclusive cargo area floor that is hard-wearing and polishable.

Cancel route

You can easily cancel an ongoing route in the centre display.

Collision avoidance assistance

The collision avoidance assistance function can help you to reduce the risk of the car accidentally leaving its lane and/or colliding with another vehicle or obstacle by actively steering the car back into the lane and/or swerving.

Pilot Assist and Lane assistance

Pilot Assist is a comfort function that can help you to keep your car within its own lane and maintain a safe distance from vehicles in front of you. Lane Keeping Aid is a function which, in a similar way, can help you in some situations to reduce the risk of your car accidentally leaving its own lane.

Maintenance of the interior

Using the car has an effect on its interior. Leather and fabrics undergo change and develop a patina. Using the right maintenance and cleaning you can keep the car clean and fresh for many years. Volvo has developed cleaning methods and products.

Setting the clock

The first time you use the car, or if the current to the car's battery has been disconnected, you may need to make the settings for time and date. It is important that the clock is set, so that the car can connect to the Internet, amongst other things.

To bear in mind when refuelling

When refuelling, it's important to fully insert the nozzle in the filler pipe, past the double seal in the pipe.


Updated 1/21/2020


AdBlue is a colourless fluid used in the car's combustion system (SCR) to reduce emissions of harmful substances from the diesel engine. Here you can read about AdBlue and what you should know about with regard to filling and checking the AdBlue level.

Emission control with AdBlue

Registered trademark of Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V. (VDA)

The AdBlue fluid helps to clean exhaust gases from hazardous substances and this way reduces emissions of nitrous oxides. The technology is based on a separate tank being used beside the diesel tank where a certain amount of AdBlue is injected into the exhaust system to reduce the emissions of hazardous substances. AdBlue mostly consists of water (approx. 67.5% water and 32.5% ureaCO(NH2)2). It is specially developed for use in the car's combustion system (SCR system). AdBlue has its own tank in the car which is topped up via a separate filler pipe behind the fuel filler flap. The driver display shows the level of AdBlue and advises when it is soon time to refill.


AdBlue is briefly described below. We recommend that you read the owner's manual for your car model for more information and important warnings.

Checking and filling AdBlue

Check the AdBlue level regularly and top up if the message for low AdBlue level is shown in the driver display. The emissions system continuously monitors the level, quality and dosage of AdBlue. If a fault arises, a message is shown in the driver display. The Volvo workshop can fill AdBlue during a service of the car, but it is also possible to fill it yourself if necessary. Depending on driving style, outside temperature and the operating temperature of the system, filling must also be performed several times between service intervals. AdBlue is topped up in a separate filler pipe behind the fuel filler flap.


If the Adblue tank becomes completely empty then it will be no longer possible to start the car. To be able to start the car again, the tank must be filled with AdBlue of the specified quality, at the minimum quantity indicated in the driver display. Avoid driving the tank completely empty and refill in good time.

Checking the AdBlue level

18w09 - Supportsite - Car Status symbol

Open the Car Status app in the app view.

18w09 - Supportsite - Adblue level Symbol

Tap on Statusto show the AdBlue level.

18w09 - Supportsite - Graphic for AdBlue level centerdisplay

Graphic for AdBlue level in the centre display.

Each cursor represents approx. 25 % of a full tank. When less than 25% of the tank remains, the remaining cursor changes colour to amber, and at less than 10% it turns red.


18w09 - Supportsite - AdBlue level low message

When the AdBlue level starts to become low, a symbol illuminates in the driver display and the message AdBlue level low is shown.

Open the fuel filler flap by gently touching the rear part of the flap.

18w09 - Supportsite - Picture showing blue cover for filling AdBlue

Open the blue cap for the smaller filler pipe intended for AdBlue.

Top up with AdBlue of the correct qualityISO 22241. Fill slowly/in portions, in order to avoid air pockets.

Do not overfill the tank.


When filling from the AdBlue pump at a filling station, it is advisable to use the pump adapted for passenger cars. The AdBlue pump for heavy vehicles can also be used.

Handling AdBlue

AdBlue consists primarily of water and is not flammable but should be handled with care since it can irritate the eyes and skin. Avoid inhaling vapour as well as contact with skin and eyes.

Adblue must be stored in tightly sealed original packaging at a temperature between -11 °C and 30 °C. The fluid must not be stored in direct sunlight. When it is cold outside, pay attention to the fact that the fluid freezes at -11 °C.

Car model/model year

XC40 and XC60 of model year 2018 onwards

V60 and V60 Cross Country of model year 2019 onwards

S60 and S60 Twin Engine of model year 2020 onwards

The range of models may vary depending on market.

This article is applicable to

Car model/model year

XC40 and XC60 of model year 2018 onwards

V60 and V60 Cross Country of model year 2019 onwards

S60 and S60 Twin Engine of model year 2020 onwards

The range of models may vary depending on market.

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A dynamic symbol in the driver display

Volvo's driver display contains a dynamic symbol that changes appearance if a function is activated or if the car needs to attract your attention.

Driving with a trailer

When driving with a trailer, there are a number of points that are important to think about regarding the towbar, the trailer and how the load is positioned in the trailer.

Automatic start of seat heating

The function for automatic start of seat heating varies depending on car model and differs between the driver's and passenger sides.

IntelliSafe - driver support and safety

IntelliSafe is the Volvo Cars concept concerning car safety and it consists of a number of functions that can actively or passively assist you with your driving in different situations. For example, the functions can help you to maintain a certain time interval to the vehicle in front of you, prevent a collision by giving a warning and braking the car, or help with parking.

Error message after tyre change

An error message may be shown in the display after you have changed a tyre. If it appears, you need to perform a calibration of the tyre pressure monitoring system.

Traffic information providers

Information on which companies deliver traffic information to your car and its systems in different countries is found below.

Settings for privacy and data sharing are unique to each driver profile

When you start to use a new driver profile, the data sharing settings for the profile are set to the car's default settings and are deactivated.

To bear in mind when refuelling

When refuelling, it's important to fully insert the nozzle in the filler pipe, past the double seal in the pipe.

Driving holiday and long journeys

Be prepared and enhance your driving holidays and long journeys. Here you can find useful tips so that you and your Volvo are well equipped when you venture out onto the roads.

Private locking

When you drop the car off for service, at a hotel or similar, you can use the private locking function to lock the glovebox, tailgate, boot lid or rear seat. The private locking function varies depending on car model.

Error message from the tyre pressure monitoring system in the driver display, e.g. after changing a tyre or for low tyre pressure

For example, if you see the Check Car Status app in center display message in your driver display, you need to calibrate/save a new tyre pressure in the tyre pressure monitoring system.

Useful information about the car's windows

All the power windows can be controlled from the driver's door and for the other doors each power window can be controlled from its own door. For certain models there is also the option to specify a panoramic roof.

Traffic information providers

Information on which companies deliver traffic information to your car and its systems in different countries is found below.

Finding the car's VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

When you contact a Volvo dealer for a Volvo On Call subscription, for example, you need to specify the car's vehicle identification number VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).

Privacy and data sharing

Many connected services and apps need to be able to send and receive information and data. The data sharing function for your connected services and apps is deactivated as standard. To be able to use certain connected services and apps in the car, you must choose yourself to activate data sharing for them.

Activate data sharing in connection with starting a connected service or app

If you have not activated data sharing for a connected service or downloaded apps, you can do this in connection with starting them in your centre display. The first time you start a service, or after e.g. a factory reset or certain software updates, you must also accept Volvo's terms and conditions for connected services.

The remote control key's key blade and replacing the battery

The remote control key contains a detachable key blade that can be used, amongst other things, to unlock the left-hand front door if the battery in the remote control key is weak or empty. You can replace the battery in your remote control key yourself.

IntelliSafe safety check when starting

When you start the car after it has been switched off completely, a safety check of the car's driver support systems is shown in the driver display. This is a new visual function that is being added with software to be released in November 2017.

Activate data sharing for connected services and downloaded apps via the settings menu

You can activate data sharing for connected services and downloaded apps via the settings menu in your centre display.

Edit and protect driver profile

You can save personal settings specific to you in a driver profile by protecting the profile. The settings currently active at the time of locking are then saved. You can also name ore rename a profile whenever you wish.

Driver profiles

In order for your Volvo to be customised for you every time you get into the car, you have the option to save and protect your personal preferences in driver profiles. The driver profiles can be connected to the car's keys, and when the car is unlocked, its settings are adjusted to the driver profile in the key being used.

Type lists for Volvo's child restraint systems

The type lists contain information about which car models and seating positions in the car the various child restraint systems are approved for.

Operating the panoramic roof

The panoramic roof consists of a sun visor and a glass roof panel. You can adjust the panoramic roof settings as required and desired.

Handle cargo cover

The cargo cover provides an easy way to keep prying eyes from looking into your cargo area. Information on how to use the cargo cover can be found here.