The Volvo 2021 SUV range

Before it went on to save over one million lives, the 1959 introduction of Volvo’s 3-point safety belt was seen as a ‘terrible idea’. In 2021, our new prices should get a better response. The Volvo 2021 SUV range, starting from $59,900.

A black Volvo XC60 SUV and a family with young children trying to pack up and leave home

For everyone’s safety

The Volvo XC60

The XC60 is designed to help protect you and your loved ones. Because sometimes, we all need someone looking after us.


Volvo. Recharged.

We have always helped protect people. Now we will help protect the planet, too. That’s why we recharge everything we do.

Volvo V432

Landing now

The new Volvo V60

The versatile estate car designed to make the most of life's moments.