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Roadside Assistance

Volvo’s Roadside Assistance Programme is available for 3 years from the date of first registration and then for 12 months after completing a Volvo Service 2.0 vehicle service.

Events covered


• Mechanical breakdowns • Flat tyres • Flat battery • Locked in or lost keys • Out of fuel • Windscreen chip repair



• Roadside mechanical assistance • Towing of your vehicle to the nearest authorised Volvo dealer if it is unable to be mobilised at the roadside • Emergency fuel provision • Change of tyre/wheels • Replacement battery service • Arranging appropriate transportation for your vehicle and passengers • By appointment only windscreen chip repair

When a vehicle is over 100km away from home and disabled for more than 24 hours:

Replacement Vehicles

If the nominated vehicle cannot be repaired within the same day as the breakdown, the AA will provide a replacement vehicle of a similar calibre, where possible and subject to availability, for a maximum of 3-days and to a value of $120 per day (GST inclusive).

Emergency Accommodation

Where the nominated vehicle requires warranty repairs to be carried out and overnight accommodation is required, arrangements will be made for the driver and passengers up to a value of $150 per night (GST inclusive) for a maximum of 3-nights. However, should the driver choose not to take the accommodation entitlement, the hire period of the replacement vehicle can be extended to 7-days.

Alternative Transport

Where car rental is not available or where the rental car company refuses to provide a rental car to any driver of a nominated vehicle due to the driver’s age or driving license limitations or restrictions, or for any other reason beyond the AA’s control, alternative ground transportation will be provided to the registered owner/driver’s home address or intended destination. The AA will arrange for the most comfortable and convenient means of transportation to enable the driver of the nominated vehicle and any travel companions to continue on their journey, up to a limit of $480 (GST inclusive) per incident.