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Volvo Recharge. Our journey towards the vision of a climate neutral future.

The Volvo SUV plug-in-hybrid range lined up beside
The roof and taillights of an XC40 Recharge
The Volvo SUV plug-in-hybrid range lined up beside


All of our cars are available with plug-in hybrid technology. Introduction of mild hybrid powertrains – all newly launched Volvos will be electrified, either hybrids or fully electric. Announcement of Volvo Recharge – our ambition for a climate neutral future.

The roof and taillights of an XC40 Recharge


Launch of a complete electrified carline of plug-in hybrids and pure electric cars, starting with our first pure electric SUV – the XC40 Recharge. Our aim is that around 20% of our annual car sales should be plug-in hybrids.

A Volvo driving over a body of water on a long two lane bridge
A wind farm at sunset
A Volvo driving over a body of water on a long two lane bridge


Our ambition is that around 50% of the cars we sell should be pure electric by 2025, the other 50% to be hybrids.

A wind farm at sunset


Our vision is to be climate neutral across our full value chain, in line with the goals of the Paris Agreement.

What do you want to know about Volvo Private/Grey Imports?

What is a “grey imported vehicle” and where do they come from?

Vehicles that enter New Zealand through channels other than the authorised distribution network are called “grey imports”. Grey imports can be sourced from any country, either privately or via an independent commercial company. Most grey imports are used vehicles which come into New Zealand from a variety of sources; historically the majority have come from Japan. However, grey imports are also arriving from the United Kingdom, Australia and Singapore. Grey imports may not have the same Volvo warranty protection or after sales support as vehicles purchased from an authorised distributor/retailer network.

Why are they coming to New Zealand?

The New Zealand Government allows grey/parallel imported goods to enter the country. A parallel import is a non-counterfeit product imported from another country without the permission of the intellectual property owner or the authorised distributor.

Who can bring cars into the country and what experience is needed?

There are no regulations that govern who can import vehicles into New Zealand and there are no requirements for importers to verify the authenticity of vehicles that they import. Scandinavian Vehicle Distributors Limited (trading as Volvo Car New Zealand) is the only authorised importer of Volvo cars in New Zealand.

Are grey imported vehicles the same as the ones imported by the Volvo New Zealand Importer?

Grey imports are typically not of the same standard or specification and are generally below that of a New Zealand new vehicle. You may find that grey imports require additional features that will need to be added to align the imported vehicle with the specification of a New Zealand standard vehicle, and in some instances this may not be possible. Specification differences can sometimes lead to parts and servicing issues given the authorised retailer network is trained for – and stocks parts for – New Zealand standard vehicles. However, the authorised retailer network will do their best to resolve any technical concerns relating to imported vehicles, and endeavour to source the relevant parts.

Has a grey import been registered and used prior to import into New Zealand?

It is difficult to check the provenance and history of grey imports. There is a risk that a vehicle may be sold as “new”, even if it has been registered and used in its market of origin prior to import. There have also been incidents where vehicles have been crashed, damaged or stolen, and then subsequently imported into New Zealand and sold as “new” vehicles.

What are the warranty implications for imported vehicles?

All New Zealand new vehicles are provided with a 3 year / unlimited kilometre warranty at no cost to the customer. Warranty implications for grey imports vary by market of origin and – if applicable – related coverage tends to be for considerably shorter periods.

What are the service implications for imported vehicles?

All New Zealand new Volvo vehicles (Model Year 2020 and beyond) purchased from an authorised Volvo dealership are provided with a complimentary 3 year/unlimited kilometre Volvo Service Plan which covers scheduled servicing. A full description of the service plan can be found by contacting your authorised Volvo dealership. While the authorised retailer network is able to service (and provide parts for) grey imports, there is no provision for complimentary servicing and all costs are the responsibility of the owner.

What about recall and service campaigns?

Grey import vehicles may be included in any manufacturer safety recall and the owners notified accordingly, but this is only possible if the vehicle is known to exist in the local market. All New Zealand new Volvo vehicles purchased from an authorised Volvo dealership will automatically be covered under any manufacturer safety recall or service campaign.

Will imported vehicle satellite navigation systems work in New Zealand?

Grey import vehicles may have navigation and driver assistance systems. However, these systems will not automatically work in New Zealand and it may not always be possible to retrofit a local solution. All New Zealand new Volvo vehicles purchased from an authorised Volvo dealership are supplied with a New Zealand compatible navigation system, which includes localised navigation maps and regular updates.

As a customer, am I protected under the Consumer Guarantees Act?

Consumers may be able to rely on the Consumer Guarantees Act if they have acquired a grey import from a person supplying in trade. In addition to protection under the Consumer Guarantees Act, all new Volvo vehicles purchased from an authorised Volvo dealership are provided with warranty protection, roadside assistance, a 3 year/unlimited kilometre service plan and ongoing support from the Volvo dealer network.

Will grey import vehicles hold their value in the New Zealand marketplace?

Due to ambiguity regarding provenance and authenticity, combined with limited warranty protection and after sales support, there is a risk that grey imports may have a lower market value than a New Zealand new Volvo vehicle purchased from an authorised Volvo dealership.

Can I still have my imported vehicle serviced by a Volvo dealership or Service Centre?

Yes. The authorised Volvo dealer network can still assist with maintaining and servicing your Volvo. When servicing your vehicle at a Volvo dealership, you will have peace of mind that only genuine parts will be fitted and professionally trained technicians will carry out the work using the latest tools and technology provided by Volvo.

Can I have a grey imported Volvo inspected (pre-purchase inspection) by a Volvo dealership?

Yes. This can be arranged and carried out at any Volvo dealership at your cost. All you need to do is call the Volvo Service Department at your local Volvo dealership to book an appointment.

What are the benefits of buying New Zealand new?

All new Volvo vehicles purchased from an authorised Volvo dealership provide the following benefits as standard:

- 3 year/unlimited kilometre Warranty

- 3 years Roadside Assistance cover

- 3 year/unlimited kilometre Service plan (effective from Model Year 2020)

- Volvo certified and factory trained technicians, genuine factory parts with a 2 year parts warranty, unless covered by the original vehicle warranty

- Exclusive access to Volvo factory expertise and diagnostics

- Configuration for New Zealand driving conditions with correct fuel and emissions ratings

- New Zealand wide coverage from our authorised Volvo dealer network, including use of courtesy vehicles