1935 - 1938


Volvo PV36: Volvo also adopted the streamlined trend of the 1930s and in 1935 introduced the PV36, popularly known as the "Carioca". The car featured independent front-wheel suspension with wishbones and coil springs and a very sturdy all-steel body with rear wheel spats. The body not only looked modern, it was also very safe, as some serious accidents proved.

In addition to 500 saloon cars, one single chassis used for a beautiful convertible was built by Nordbergs Karosseri in Stockholm.

Technical Specifications

Model: PV36
Variants: PV 36 Chassis
Produced: 1935 - 1938
Volume: 501
Body: 6-seater saloon, chassis.
Engine: In-line, 6-cylinder, side valves; 3,670 cc; 84.14x110 mm; 80 bhp at 3,300 rpm.
Transmission: 3-speed with floor lever.
Brakes: Hydraulic on all wheels.
Dimensions: Wheelbase 2,950 mm.
Misc: Silent, smooth, expensive and slightly controversial, only 500 "Cariocas" saloons and one cabriolet were built and sold. Max. speed was 120 kph.