Fleet Decision Makers

Why is CO₂ important to fleets and drivers?

CO₂ Implications to consider:

  • Class 1A National Insurance ( 13.8%) paid by employers and linked to CO₂ of the car and also chargeable on any private fuel benefit provided
  • Lower C0₂ can often mean better fuel economy and be linked to other fuel saving Drive-e technologies, such as Start/Stop function
  • Company Tax Allowances are linked to CO₂

Company Tax Allowances:

  • Capital allowances, which affects the rate at which companies can write down the cost of buying cars against taxable profits from tax year 2015/2016.
    • Sub 75g/km – 100% write down in year 1
    • 76-130g/km – 18% each year on a reducing balance basis
    • Above 130g/km – 8% each year on a reducing balance basis
  • Lease rental restriction, the amount of the lease rental payments claimable against corporation tax
    • Under 130g/km fully deductible against taxable profits
    • Above 130g/km 85% deductible against taxable profits

Download the 2015/2016 Tax Guide

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