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The versatile, dynamic and responsible Scandinavian plug-in hybrid estate. Made to move you.

V60 Recharge

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Created for active driving. With glossy black exterior detailing and a stylish crafted interior.

Legal DisclaimerAs a model year progresses, changes may occur in some of the specifications, features, options, and pricing. The manufacturer reserves the right to make such changes. Unless otherwise indicated, the prices listed on this website: (i) serve as a guide for retail pricing and represent the Manufacturer's Suggested Selling Price (MSRP); (ii) exclude all applicable fees and sales taxes; and (iii) are subject to change in the discretion of authorized Volvo Cars Retailers, who are free to set actual retail pricing (options, taxes, freight, PDI, and fees may vary by retailer and region). See your Authorized Volvo Retailer for details. Colours, interiors and images of the vehicle are not a true representation of the actual colours and/or product. It's best to view the actual product at your Authorized Volvo Retailer. Retailer-installed Accessories are defined as items that do not appear on the factory window sticker that are installed by an Authorized Volvo Retailer. These are not residualized within your vehicle payment and you may be required to pay this on signing. Actual prices for all accessories may vary and are set by your Authorized Volvo Retailer. Prices do not include installation or painting, which may be required for particular items. Please check with your Authorized Volvo Retailer for complete pricing accuracy for accessories and parts. Note for High Performance Summer Tires: The special tread compounds formulated for ultra-high performance summer tires are optimised for maximum dry and wet performance in warm temperatures. Performance and behaviour will be reduced at temperatures below 7°C or when driving on snow or ice. In addition, they can lose flexibility and may develop random surface cracks at very cold temperatures; therefore extra care should be taken in handling tires. It is recommended to install winter tires in lower temperature conditions. Please note the Summary or PDF pages may show two or three wheels included in the build (the standard wheel and optional/accessory wheel) but only one set of wheels will be delivered with your Volvo.