Finding the vehicle using the Volvo On Call app

In the Volvo On Call app, you can see the location of your vehicle on a map. The map also shows your own position, i.e. the position of your mobile device. You can use the app to command the vehicle to honk the horn and/or flash the turn signals to make it easier to find the vehicle.

Finding the vehicle using the Lights & Horn function

Go to the Map tab.
Your location and your vehicle's location are marked on the map.

If you need further assistance to see the vehicle, e.g. in a large parking lot, you can get the vehicle to honk the horn and/or flash the lights by selecting one of the following:

  • Lights to flash
  • Lights and horn to both honk and flash

This activates the vehicle's horn and/or the hazard warning flashers for a few seconds. The function works within a radius of approximately 500 meters (1640 feet) from the vehicle1.

Limitations for locating the vehicle with the Volvo On Call app

If the Volvo On Call app does not show an exact location for the vehicle, this may be due to the following:

  • The vehicle's current location has poor or no view for GPS, e.g. in a garage. If this is the case, the last received location is used as its approximate location.
  • The vehicle could not send data to Volvo On Call's servers when you last parked it. The position is sent to Volvo every time you park the vehicle. If the vehicle does not have any cell phone coverage, the last position has not been registered and it will not seen in the app either. This can happen if the vehicle is parked in a garage with poor cell phone coverage, for example.
  • Volvo On Call uses GPS technology to locate the vehicle. The GPS coordinates are translated into addresses that are easy to understand, e.g. street name, which is why it may appear that the vehicle is parked on a street nearby if it is actually parked in a adjacent garage without GPS contact.
  • The vehicle's position is not shown when the vehicle is not in use.
  • If the vehicle is showing an incorrect position on the map, you can perform a simple calibration by locking the vehicle and waiting for 15-30 seconds. If this doesn't help, visit an authorized Volvo workshop to have the antenna checked/calibrated.
  1. 1 May vary depending on market.